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Our 360 photo booths will make your party even more fun, exciting and unique. It’s sure to capture the memories of your guests in style! Our state-of-the-art equipment will provide your guests with hours of entertainment.  With our custom overlay, LED lights, unique props, music and more.  – so give your event the spark it needs with Levitate 360 Photo booth!

It's more than a photobooth... It's an EXPERIENCE!

How does it work?

Guests step on a platform and a high definition camera spins 360 degrees around them, never missing an angle, and recording 120 frames per second making a slow motion movie. Guests may instantly send their videos to themselves via airdrop or QR code. The dedicated on-site 360 Photo Booth operator guides guests to the platform so that the best video may be shot. Take your event to the next level with the trendiest video experience currently on the market. This revolutionary platform offers 360 of fun!

What Clients Are Saying

When walking into this party, the establishment seemed pretty old and old fashioned. But when I walked inside, this 360 Photobooth turned it into something so modern and caught me by surprise!! Airene and Levitate did such an amazing job explaining and demonstrating this photobooth as it was my first time! She interacted with us and made it more enjoyable!! There were also so many props to choose from that I kept coming back for more!! Love this!! Highly recommended

Edward F.

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